Greenhouse Tidy Up

I have rather neglected my lovely little greenhouse recently.  There never seems to be enough time to plant out things on the plot AND tend to my greenhouse crops.  In my greenhouse I have decided to grow three things once all the seedlings have been sown.  So today, this Bank Holiday Sunday, I set about tidying up my greenhouse in prep for the growing extravaganza.

The first plants I am raising under glass this year are my aubergines.

Aubergine Frame

I’ve never had much luck with aubergines.  I think perhaps in the UK we don’t have enough sun.  But this year I have given them a good head start in the greenhouse, and will keep them in the greenhouse until I can *fingers crossed* harvest them.  I have also concocted a series of string supports to keep them growing sky high.

The second plants I am trying out in the greenhouse are my tomatoes.


It’s not strictly necessary to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, I have always done well growing them on a sunny patio at my old house.  However, as I now have an awesome greenhouse, I may as well use it!  I have four plants and have put the more exotic sounding varieties in there.  The Cour de Blue and Marmande varieties are in the greenhouse on the proviso that they sound French and so will benefit from a warmer climate as France is.  We shall see if it makes a difference or not to the outside varieties.

Tomato Support

I have also concocted a snazzy string frame for my tommys too.  I always see commercially grown tomatoes grown in this way, and it looks really cool, so fingers crossed it will work and I will have an abundance of tomatoes.  The outside plants will just get staked to a cane.

The last plants I am growing in the greenhouse are my cucumbers.


These are in fact an outdoors variety.  However, I have never grown cucumbers before, and I’ve heard they can be a little temperamental.  So hopefully the cover of the greenhouse may make them grow nice and big and strong.  Again string concoction for it to grow up.  However this one is a work in progress as I need to add horizontal struts somehow.  I may abandon this structure and make one at a later date.

Do that is my greenhouse tidy up.  There isn’t much growing in there really as it is a teeny tiny greenhouse.  I could have grown SO much more if I had the space, but this will have to do for now.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!



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