What a difference a day (well a few weeks) makes

Hello!  I have been away for a week on my Holibobs in Cornwall, which I had a fantastic time on.  I love leaving the garden for a week or even just a few days.  Not because I hate gardening, but because it is so much more obvious that things have actually grown.  When you’re around it day by day then it can sort of pass you by.  So when I returned I was excited to see that my Mum had done an excellent job of looking after my little darlings, and they had put on a fantastic growth spurt!

Amazon Jungle

My greenhouse looked like the amazon rain forest.  I desperately need to get all my little seedlings either planted out or potted on.  Which I diligently did yesterday, even though exhausted from my holiday (always need a holiday from my holidays!), as it was the last sunny day for a while.  Here are some comparison photos for your perusal to see what a difference a few weeks makes.  iCloud reliably informs me the first picture is from 1st May and the second comparison photo is from 14th May.

Week Difference 1Week Difference 2

They have all put on a brilliant growth spurt and spread out nicely.  My inter-cropped spinach is going great guns and I took a healthy harvest in a pick and come again mantra.  I’m loving this inter-cropping.  Twice the amount of veggies in the same space.  And when the brassicas get too big I can take the spinach out and have enjoyed it’s tasty goodness for a few months.

Spinach Harvest

I haven’t decided what to make with it yet, so will be googling yummo recipes to put it to good use and make the spinach the star.  I may share with you if I happen upon a wonderful recipe.

My Kale is also in need of a pick and come again approach so if there is a break in the rain today I may harvest it and again google wonderous recipes.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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