Starting to look like a Veggie Patch

I feel like I am very behind with my planting out.  I have heaps of little seedlings, and some not so little!, to plant out, but there never seem to be enough hours in the day!  I am slowly getting there though after building and filling my raised veggie beds.  This past week or so I have planted out curly kale, cavelo nero, beetroot – both golden burpee and chioggia, carrots, spinach, peas, red fen onions, rumba onions and fen early onions, golden acre cabbages, savoy cabbages and boris cauliflowers.  OK so written down like that it sounds more impressive, but the beds are still relatively bare looking.  So here are some piccies of the progress so far.

Pea, Onion and Garlic Bed

In the far distance you can see the peas just starting to grow up the supports.  I still have a fair few pea seedlings to plant up but that requires me making a support out of canes so I just put out a couple of rows to start as that was all the ready made support I had.  Then down below are one and a half rows of garlic and three and a half of various onions.  You may think that they are quite close together the garlic.  Well I am a believer of cramming in as much as possible in a small space.  More widely spreading plants such as brassicas I observe the planting spaces more carefully, but onions and garlic I have whacked in as many as possible.

Brassica Bed One

This is the first brassica bed.  At the top you have two rows of golden acre cabbages, four in each row, followed by one row of savoy cabbages, five in the row.  I have also intercropped with spinach in true dig for victory style.  I prefer eating spinach when they are young and tender leaves, so will be treating them as pick and come again.  Then by the time the cabbages are getting a little bigger, the spinach will be over so I can remove them.  That way you have double the croppage in the space.  This is something that the Dig For Victory cropping plan advocated so I’m going with it :).

Kale Bed

Here we have the second brassica bed.  So far I have managed to plant a row of cavelo nero, five plants and a couple of curly kale with five plants on each.  Some of the kale plants will be eaten as baby leaves which are incredible in salads.  Then when they are over they will be removed and the remaining plants can grow into big strong kales which can be used either in salads or for cooking.  (A particular favourite of mine is Kale Pesto!)

Then the last bed I have popped a couple of rows into is the leftovers row.  So in that I put one row of burpees golden beetroot, one row of chioggia and one row of carrots………I would show you the picture, but I had covered over my tiny seedlings with fleece before I remembered that I should have taken a picture.  Yeah couldn’t be bothered to take it all off again, and I figure you know what carrots and beetroot seedlings look like.

Anyhow, that is as far as I have got.  Like I said earlier, I feel very behind with my planting out, but hopefully these few little starter rows will get growing soon.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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