Palette Potting Bench

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen my latest palette make already.  The glass for my shiny new greenhouse came encased in wood for protection, so once it had been assembled I was left with some spare wood.  What to do with it?!

Staging for ones greenhouse can soon add up, so whilst I save my pennies I used my old £10 from B&Q greenhouse for shelving to pop my trays of seedlings on.  It also occurred to me that in my present to myself, Grow Your Own Magazine, from February, there was an instructional ‘how to make a potting bench’.  A perfect addition to my new greenhouse!IMG_4080

My greenhouse by the way is now fully glassed up.  Again the instructions were poor and after phoning the garden center it was bought from multiple times we figured out what was wrong and how to put it right.  So if you are ever putting up a Halls greenhouse and get stuck, give me a tweet as I am now the worlds expert on it.

Anyhoo, I would love to claim credit on making the potting bench myself, but truth be told my Dad did most of it.  I was fully prepared to make it myself with his help, but I left it like this to go and have lunch.


When I came back it looked like this:


Oops!  Whilst I was having a leisurely lunch, my Dad had pretty much completed it!  So I sanded it a bit and helped him move it into the greenhouse 🙂


Tadaaa!  And now I am busily using it to sow lots of seeds and transplant a few on to bigger pots :).  Make do and mend at it’s finest 🙂

Until next time, Happy Gardening!




One thought on “Palette Potting Bench

  1. Aren’t dads great? Each time I have a project, I find myself thinking “Now, how would Daddy do this?” Most of my tools were his. He was one of those “can make anything out of nothing” men. I miss him daily. Hug your dad often while you can. Great looking bench, and always ideal to recycle.


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