Garden Goings On

Well hasn’t it been lovely to get some nice weather in the past few days.  I fear it isn’t going to last however.  But there is much to be done in the garden this month – or should I say the shiny new greenhouse!  The glass is nearly all in there, but because of the quite frankly shitty instructions there is still a little tinkering to do to get it completely how it should be.  This happened:


That horrible moment when you’ve used all the bits provided and thought you followed the instructions, only for there to be a great big 2″ gaping hole where there should be glass.  After much swearing, measuring the glass, looking through the instructions, arguing a little and then finally phoning the garden center we bought it from, there was ‘oh yeah that often happens’ then ‘I’ll get back to you’, then FINALLY my Dad chimes in ‘Oh yeah there was a packet of plastic bits that I tidied away into the shed’, and the realisation that those plastic bits were kind of important.  Long story short.  The glass is the correct length, we just need to slot them into the plastic spacers.  You see we ordered the toughened glass (clumsy dad is very likely to break it) and the little silver clippy bits you can see in the photo hanging off the glass aren’t needed for the toughened glass.  The toughened glass slots together with plastic slotty spacer things.  I must say that it would have been a WHOLE lot easier ‘Halls Greenhouses’ if you just printed some instructions on how to assemble this bloody thing because it is relatively easy and quick once you have deciphered the illustrations.  The reason of course they have no instructions to explain the poorly drawn illustrations, is to cut costs as they would have to translate it into different languages.  Their customer satisfaction would go up ten fold though if they just bit the bullet and payed for a proper assembly brochure!

Anyway rant over, my greenhouse is (nearly) up and running and now I can tuck my little plants in there at night so they don’t get a chill, and free up my windowsills.  I can’t wait to get going!  In the meantime I have utalised my windowsills and grown some brassicas and various other seedlings.


I went away this weekend just gone to London for a friends birthday party and when I came back my little seeds had turned from the above picture, to the below.  Isn’t nature marvelous!  It’s exciting to not look at them for a few days because when you do, they are all big and strong and poking out of the soil waving their little leaves at us to say hello.


Sounds really dumb as I’m typing it, but I was delighted that my tiny red cabbage seedlings came out with red leaves haha.  Makes sense really!!!!!  But they look so colourful and cute in miniature.

Maybe in my next post I may have finished putting up my greenhouse……….fingers crossed.  The other thing to mention is that I *may* have tracked down the lesser spotted allotment plot.  I know I said my sister is allowing me to turn her garden to veg beds, but an actual allotment is the dream.  But I don’t want to jinx anything so I’m only briefly mentioning it.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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