Greenhouse PHD

So I’m pretty sure by the end of building my brand spanking new greenhouse, I will be a Dr of putting up these damn things.  If y’all need to build a 4′ x 6′ Halls Popular Greenhouse, give me a call!  I am an expert on how to translate badly made/written/pictured construction instructions.  I would say that whoever wrote the brochure was an idiot, had there actually been words to explain how to assemble it.  Apparently, according to Halls, pictures will suffice because hey!, it saves on having to translate into different languages how to actually build the damn thing.  Note to Halls, it is a false economy, write a proper instruction brochure you cheap ass bastards!  It would save a lot of arguments and WTF?ing at the pictures in the brochure.

I am SO eager to get my greenhouse up, but unfortunately as you in the UK will know, it has been rainy and a wee bit chilly of recent weeks.  So between rain showers and working in the middle of the day when it is warmest, I have got 2/3 of the greenhouse up.  We only have the glass to put in now, and to figure out where the remaining nuts and bolts go………………..hopefully this will become clear in the glassing phase, if not then fingers crossed it doesn’t fall down everyone 😀

This has pushed my sowing back a little as I originally wanted to wait until I had the greenhouse up.  But as it is taking so long, I have now sown a few things on the windowsill but am woefully behind in my sowing schedule.  So over the next few days, day job allowing, I will be getting out into the garden to sow a few more.

Anyway these are the pictures so far of my progress, and side note – isn’t the little window cute!



One positive of this greenhouse is 1.  It’s all mine for my vegetable growing needs.  But 2.  All the pieces fitted together pretty accurately.  So even though their assembly brochure leaves something to be desired, at least the actual greenhouse fitted together everywhere as it should.  So *thumbs up* for precision cut aluminium!  Plus, picture assembly instructions aside, it actually came together quite quickly once deciphered.  Even if it did cause family arguments! “NOOOOOO this piece goes HERE”.



I shall of course share some pictures when the glass has gone in……..although it could be a couple of weeks because according to the weather forecasts rain is due for the rest of this week.

Oh and big news, can’t remember if I popped this in my last post, but I am now on Instagram!  Follow me for more updates on the greenhouse saga, as well as cute pics of my new puppy. I am @modernlandgirl1945.  @modernlandgirl wasn’t available so I added 1945 on as an ode to Mr Middleton’s Dig For Victory guides that were circulated in 1945.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!


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