Dig For Victory – My Return

Well last years return to the gardening blogging was short lived!  I hope that this time however my return will actually be real and not just me promising and then not doing it.  My excuse is that last year I moved house.  I moved from Hampshire suburban commuter belt with a fairly large garden – albeit one that I was not allowed to dig up for veggie beds – to rural Dorset with a teeny garden as we extended the house we moved to.  So still not enough room for a proper veggie patch.

Allotments?, I hear you cry, why not get one!  I’ll tell you why, because you’re basically waiting for someone to die before one comes up.  Not to mention that with the move I would have to join another waiting list at another parish council so therefore returning to the bottom of the pile once more.  Once one has obtained this illusive beast known as an allotment, one tends to hold on to it for years and years because it is an enjoyable and awesome hobby.

This Years Seeds.jpg
The start of this years seeds

Why not ask a local land owner to rent some of their land?, I hear you cry.  Well this was actually my back up plan.  Our next door neighbour owns the paddock behind our house, and I was actually going to ask him if I could rent a bit for my veggie patch.  Whether or not he would allow me is anyone’s guess.  At the moment it is standing unused, but in the past people have kept their ponies there and once we had some sheep hanging out for a couple of months.  So he may have a deal with a local farmer or summit.  I don’t know!

The paddock behind our new house

But huzzah, my dear readers I have some rather exciting news.  My sister, who lives across the road from my parents and I, has come to the rescue.  She is allowing me to turn her garden ENTIRELY to vegetable beds………………….cue stunned look and silence.  “Really?!”, I kept repeating, “are you sure?!”.  My Dad suspects it might be due to the fact that since moving to her house about 3 years ago, she has probably mown her lawn but once.  So essentially she is getting someone to maintain her garden for free.  I like to think it’s because she’s a kind sister *snorts with laughter*.  Anyway I immediately said YES I’LL TAKE IT THANK YOU.  How our relationship will endure is anyone’s guess, we get along now we don’t live together but I fear if we have an argument she may revoke my rights to dig up her garden.

My Christmas prezzie to myself 🙂

Anyway the fact of the matter is, this growing year I will actually have some proper space to have a ‘Dig For Victory’ style veggie patch.  I am very excited and hope to document my journey!  As the title might suggest, I am going to base my year on the 1940’s Dig For Victory campaign.  More details at a later date!  I have also signed myself up for a gardening course which I found out about in my Christmas present to myself – a subscription to Grow Your Own Magazine :D.  So I will probably document it.  It is on 22nd February, and if you are Somerset based here are the detials: http://www.charlesdowding.co.uk/courses/homeacres-courses/  I am doing just a day course.

Until (hopefully there will be a) next time,
Happy Gardening!


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