Brassica Bingo

Last year my plants were blown over in my mini greenhouse (£9 from B&Q), so I had to wait and see what they turned into once they had grown.  This year the mini greenhouse was well and truly anchored into place.  However, I find myself again waiting to see which brassica is which.  This year I fastidiously wrote labels for each little seedlings……..only I wrote them in a yellow sharpie.  Who would have thought that in the sun, the yellow pen would bleach to an unrecognisable extent.  Well not I!  Hence I am playing brassica bingo.

I know I planted some cabbages – because I got free seeds with a magazine.  I also know that I planted some more purple sprouting broccoli, in an attempt to create successive planting and prolong the fruits of my harvest.  Along with the purple sprouting I planted some ‘Brokali Apollo’ as well as the more exotic ‘Romanesco’ Cauliflower.  I may have also planted some normal cauliflowers, I can’t quite remember if I did or not.  The only problem is, is that I have no idea which are which at the moment, because they all look the same!  I suppose it will be a nice surprise for me.

With all these brassicas, I am in a quandary.   Brassicas take up LOADS of space.  Now I see you all with your allotment blogs and I’m thinking HOW IN THE HECK DID YOU LAND YOURSELF AN ALLOTMENT?!?!  I need one to put all of my brassicas in because I am running out of pots and space to put them in.  I live, for the moment, in a North East Hampshire village in the commuter belt.  So the allotment waiting list I am currently on is about 3 years.  This might be OK, apart from the fact that I am moving house imminently.  So now in my new West Dorset practically Somerset, middle of pissing nowhere village, I am now having to put myself on a new waiting list.  Great, what I can only imagine another 3 year or more waiting list.  Let’s be honest here, I’m basically just waiting for someone to die.  So how in the heck did all you lovely people and bloggers get your allotments?  I am jealously eyeing up my next door neighbours garden thinking “he’s quite old, he might let me take over his veg plot right?” – it’s very impressive I may sneak a photo some time to show you.  I even tried to bribe my builder at my new house with no less than my best leeks and kale (which the cheeky beggar fed to his parrot, apparently it’s really good for them) as he knows someone who knows someone, to no avail.  What’s a gal gotta do to get a darn allotment?!  Hints and tips much appreciated.

In the meantime, my golden courgettes are starting to grow and they are so little and cute that I have to share their progress with you.

Golden Courgette

Until next time, Happy Gardening!


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