I’m back!

Well it has been a few months since I have put finger to keyboard to write about my vegetable goings on.  I blame my day job.  Being self employed means it can become all consuming some times.  Plus Christmas and Valentines are the busiest times of year for those of us in the lingerie/nightwear industry.  So my veggie patch blog took a back seat for a while as I got stuck into work.

On the plus side, my gardening hobby that I discovered last year, isn’t just a passing ‘phase’.  I have continued over winter to grow my veggies and enthusiastically have been sowing away this Spring.  And now the day job is slowing down as it does dreadfully at this time of year, I have more time to dedicate to my pottering in the garden.

This year I have ditched a few unsuccessful varieties of veg and am trying a few that I have not yet grown.  I am also moving from commuter belt north Hampshire, to rural north west Dorset.  I’m hoping this will mean that putting my name down for an allotment will be slightly more successful than here in the commuter belt (where allotments are totally the new trend so EVERY trendy being MUST have one).  I know a guy who knows a guy, so hopefully it will be months instead of years until I have my very own plot.  I’m hoping my gift of freshly picked kale and leeks went down a treat as a mild bribe to incentivise this guy who knows a guy to get me an allotment ;).  [Kids, bribery is wrong – don’t do it ;)].

So what can you expect from this blog?  Well I can’t promise that I will post regularly, we are moving after all!  But I hope to share some of my growing of wonderful produce – because we all know that they taste WAY better than that supermarket grot – and some of the wonderful recipes I try out with it.  I have to say I did make some rather good ‘Kale Pesto’ recently which I will try and share with you, because it was simply amazing!  So stay tuned dear readers, more to come very soon.

I shall leave you with a case of the missing broccoli plant, and a suspicious looking hound.  What do you think?  Guilty or not guilty?

Naughty Tettie

Until next time, happy gardening!


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