Pea Pancakes with Pan Fried Salmon, Crab and Creme Fraiche

Oh dear, I have ignored my lovely little gardening/food blog a little the past few weeks haven’t I.  The day job is gearing up for the launch of my Autumn/Winter 2015 collection so what with organising the new look website and preparing patterns and fabrics to be sent to the factory for production, I haven’t had much time for my little veggie patch.  But there is a lull in the schedule whilst I wait for garments to arrive from the factory, and for people to show me a mock up of my new website so I can indulge in my gardening passion a little more.

One thing I am a big believer of is freezing food.  Some veggies or fruit don’t freeze very well (I had a bit of a disaster freezing Victoria plums one summer) but for those that do freeze well it can sort out that glut of one type of veg that you just don’t know what to make with.  One veg that freezes really well is peas.  I didn’t have many pea plants not having an allotment, so I collected a few pods here and a few there, not really enough to make a full meal from them.  So when collecting the ripe pods, I immediately froze the peas after picking and de-podding.  In effect I saved them all up in order to make a really awesome meal of many peas.

One such meal was my pea pancakes with pan fried salmon, crab and creme fraiche.  I found the recipe HERE and was instantly seduced with the imagery.  It’s like they chose all of my favourite things and put it into one recipe.   Mine didn’t turn out as pretty on the plate, but I did my best to make it look ‘cheffy’.

Pea Pancakes

Pea Pancakes 2

I’m not sure that the crab was entirely necessary, it seemed a little frivolous as the salmon on it’s own was enough sea food for one dish.  The creme fraiche was however out of this world and when mixed with the salmon and some of the pancake really tied the whole dish together.  I can really recommend trying this recipe if you have any of your peas left over in the freezer from the pea season.  Even trying this with shop bought peas would be amazing.  This is a lovely light and refreshing meal perfect for the summer months.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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