Nasturtium Pancakes for Sunday Brunch

Hello all and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday gardening and tending to your veggies.  Today I thought I would share a lovely recipe that I made for my Sunday brunch.  I found this recipe whilst researching nasturtium recipes and just had to try it as it sounded so delicious.


My nasturtium flowers from my edible flower basket have been blooming for a couple of days now, so I wanted to use the beautiful flowers in a recipe.  I found ‘Nasturtium and Ricotta Hot Cakes with Honeyed Strawberry and Pistachio Salad‘.  Perfect!

Nasturtiums have a lovely peppery mustardy type taste.  Both the flowers and the leaves are edible and are often used as a substitute or accompaniment to watercress in a salad.  But I was intrigued by a sweet recipe.  Here is the rather pretty result.

Nasturtium pancakes

Doesn’t it look amazing!!!  I did (as usual) tweak the recipe a little.  I had no idea what the hell verjuice is, but I assume it is some sort of sharp citrussy juice to contrast the sweetness of the honey.  So I used lime juice and it was very tasty.  I can’t say that I particularly tasted the pepperyness of the nasturtium petals in the pancakes, so maybe if you try this add about triple the amount of petals.  I assume that it would go quite nicely with the sweetness of the honeyed strawberries as often fancy pants restaurants concoct dishes with black pepper and strawberries.

On a side note, you can see from the first picture in this post that I have a little problem with black fly on my nasturtiums.  Boy do they love a nasturtium.  I took to them with a water spray with the nozzle on a thin spray setting and blasted the bajeebus out of them to knock them off.  It was quite effective!!!  Buuuuut I want to discourage them so I have been playing around with a home made remedy.  I found a recipe HERE from Green Lizard’s Blog.  I boiled up some thyme in water and added a little ground cinnamon (I didn’t have cinnamon oil).  Once it was cooled I sprayed it in a mist all over my nasturtium and borage plants that are plagued with the little feckers.  And I have to say that it has definitely decreased the numbers a little.  I am going to stick with it spraying twice a day and see if I can totally rectify the problem.  They have made my borage plants look a little sorry for themselves so fingers crossed!

Until next time, happy gardening!


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