Tomatoes, Parsnips, Leeks and Cauliflower!

So when I first dipped my toes into the world of growing vegetables, I rather idiotically thought that plants are harvested in August/September a la the Harvest Festival.  Makes sense really though that they can carry on growing through to winter and even through winter into spring.  How else would they have eaten in the olden days daahhh.  Anyway, my peas have finished podding and my purple sprouting broccoli is nearly finished producing.  In fact some even got as far as flowering!  Shocking!!!

flowering broccoli

Who’da thunk that broccoli flowers are yellow ay!  My tiddly carrots are also popping right out of the ground so I should really harvest a few of them soon as well to make some nice summery carrotty salads whilst we are enjoying this hot weather in the UK.  The point being though, that I will soon have lots of space in which to plant out some more veggies.  It seems pointless to just leave that soil bare when there are still lots of nutrients in it.  So there are several things I have done to update my little veggie patch.

Tiny tomatoes

Number One

My pea plants had finished podding in one of the pea planters, so I took them out, turned over the soil and added a little more compost for good measure, then planted up a couple of tomato plants.  Now these seedlings were somewhat put through the mill when my mini greenhouse blew over.  So as a result, I won’t know which variety of tommy tomatoes they will be until the plants start fruiting.  I also fear that these baby plants are a little behind as lots of other gardeners and blogs seem to be flowering and a lot more progressed than my ikkle seedlings.  Ho hum, hopefully they will have plenty of sun and showers this July and August so they fruit beautifully.

Parsnip seeds

Number Two

I found some seed packets of parsnips, leeks and cauliflower that I had intended to grow this year.  I didn’t get around to it in the allotted months for sowing on the packets because I was running out of space for plants.  But as things are starting to come to an end of their harvesting period, it would be silly not to re-use the space!  I am a little partial to parsnips at Chrimbo so it would be most pleasing to have home grown ones this year.  (On a side note aren’t the above parsnip seeds pretty!  I had no idea they looked like that).  I also read somewhere that you can keep harvesting leeks until well into the winter and that cauliflowers are a winter cropper too.  So I figure that planting a few little seeds can’t hurt and fingers crossed they will have plenty of time to sprout and grow up big and strong.  I can’t wait for the leeks to grow, they are SO cute when they are all teeny tiny.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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