Glorious Pea Salad

As I have mentioned before, my pea plants are heaving with glorious fresh sweet tasty peas.  I have had several meals so far full of pea goodness.  One was the salad in this post, the other a risotto.  My risotto was very tasty………but I accidentally bought ricotta instead of mascapone (next to each other at the supermarket in the same shape pot!) so I didn’t take a picture of the finished recipe as it didn’t look very appetising as ricotta can sort of look a little grainy, not all smooth and silky like mascapone.  I will however include the recipe in case you want to try it with your peas.  It was very yummy!

Anyway on to this yummy salad that is just perfect for a hot sunny summers day.  Refreshing and delightfully green, it just screams out that it is good for you.

Pea Salad

Asparagus, Pea, Mint and Feta Salad

3 handfuls of freshly podded peas (I used about 25 – 30 pods worth to serve one person)
1 bunch of asparagus (they suggest skinny stalks but the thicker ones were cheaper at the supermarket so they had to do!)
100g Feta
Handful of chopped mint leaves
Lemon juice, to taste
Extra virgin olive oil, to taste
Black onion seeds, to taste (I didn’t have any of these so I chose an oniony substitute of fresh chopped chives)

I made a dressing out of the oil, lemon juice, mint and chives then tossed blanched, cooled asparagus and uncooked freshly podded peas in the dressing.  To finish I sprinkled feta cheese, bought in very handy pre chopped cubes, over the top and a touch of salt and pepper.  N.B.  Don’t use too much salt as the feta is nice and salty already.  Deeeeee-squishous!

As I mentioned above I didn’t have any black onion seeds, but figured that onion seeds are oniony right?!  The chives worked really well so if you don’t have onion seeds I would recommend chives – plus the flowers make a really pretty garnish and are edible.  On reflection I’m pretty sure there are apps out there that you enter an ingredient into and they offer several substitute ingredients that are suitable – so that may be worth researching.  I know asparagus season is sort of over now, but that is where good old supermarkets come in and it wasn’t hard to find a nice green bunch.  All in all a really great recipe.  Would be perfect at a picnic on a hot summers day with a nice mojito to sip too 🙂 as it is really refreshing and ‘clean’ tasting.

The risotto recipe was from an Olive magazine I bought last year, but I have managed to track it down HERE.  I still have lots of pods on my plants so I am rather keen to try a pea soup of some sort, probably this one HERE as I have some ham hock leftover.  I also quite like the sound of THIS recipe, so will have to try that too as some point.  You see that is the beauty of growing your own veggies.  When one has a glut of one type of vegetable, it is amazing to see all the different types of recipes that can be made from them.  After all, lemon and oregano chickpeas, with salmon, peas and rocket is FAR more interesting than shop bought fish fingers, peas and chips!

Until next time, happy gardening!


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