Poddington Peas

Just a quick post today on the virtues of home grown peas.  My pea plants are HEAVING with pods all maturing and plumping up nicely.

Poddington Peas

Fresh peas from the pod are simply bursting with flavour.  Somehow they are sweeter and taste more like peas – I know that sounds weird.  As a newbie gardener I was a little concerned about when to harvest my pods, so off to google I went.  Here is what I learnt.

– Peas are ready to pick when the pods are nice and plump, with round peas inside.  When you squeeze the pod it should be firm to the touch.
–  It is best to eat the peas once picked and ‘shucked’ within 4 hours.  This preserves their flavour and makes them as sweet as sweet can be and as juicy as a juicy thing.  If you’re not going to eat them within this time then simply put them in the freezer and all the goodness will be preserved.

Pea Pod

I love to eat my peas fresh from the pod.  They don’t need cooking they are simply that wonderful.  Of course you can cook them if you are adding to hot dishes, but I love mine in a nice fresh green salad.  Hopefully I will have enough peas in the next few days so I can make some delicious pea dishes to share with you.  I have a ham hock and pea rissotto recipe I’ve been wanting to try for ages!

Until next time, happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “Poddington Peas

    1. Awww man! Little slimy fiends! The slugs have massacred my courgette plants. I’m trying to nurture them back to life at the moment. Had 6 plants and only two are left – pesky pests!!!


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