Potato Woes

Help!  Gardeners of the internet I need your help!  Advice is needed for my tub of potatoes that a couple of leafy fronds are looking a little sorry for themselves.

Potato woes1

Not enough water?  Too much water?  Too sunny a spot?  The dreaded lurgy?  What has happened to my beautiful potato plants?

Potato woes2

Oh wise and wonderful gardeners, what’s a gal to do?  Do I pull the dead looking bits out?  Or can they be revived?  Your help is much appreciated!  On another note, the wee beasties love my broccoli!  Look what they did!

Potato woes3

*Sad face*, I shall have to have a think on how to protect my lovely scrumptious broccoli from those pesky slugs.  Anyone got a slug shotgun I can borrow?

Until next time, happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “Potato Woes

  1. Many insects / caterpillars come out of hiding and are easily seen. Check your plants at first light or as the sun is setting.

    Good luck and happy gardening


  2. On my first FULL attempt at growing veg, I lost many many things to slugs. Now I’ve moved house, my garden seems inundated with them and I must say, as cruel as it is, slug pellets have worked the best. I bought a huge tub from B&M for about £2-3 and sprinkled them around each plant and border of my veg boxes and plants. Blue pellets aren’t the prettiest things around plants but it seems to work perfectly and there’s a build up of dead slugs and snails around the edges of the plants that have been stopped in their tracks. I’ve been topping up the pellets every two weeks what with all the rain we’ve been having here in Warwickshire and still a load left in my tub. I’m sure you’ve probably tried this and my reply might be late but it’s worked wonder for me x


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