Palette Planter

In one of the books that I bought within the first few weeks of my new gardening hobby there was one particular chapter that really inspired me.  It was about how to use everyday items that might otherwise be thrown away, as interesting planters.  So when I saw that a neighbour of mine was having some building work done, I jumped at the chance of taking a palette off their hands to recycle into a swish planter.  Here is how I did it.

Palette Planter

You will need:
– An old palette
– Staple Gun
– Staples
– Garden Sheeting/Lining
– Compost
– Plants

I was very lucky that in the pile of ‘rubbish’ outside my neighbours home there was also the sheeting that I could use as the little pockets for the compost/plants.  So this planter was entirely free to me to make!………..Well I may have promised a few veggies to my neighbour once they had grown as a thank you.

Palette Planter 2 Palette Planter 3

Now the palettes that I commandeered aren’t ideal for planters.  If you can get one with equal slats on the front and the back it makes for a much more stable little planting pocket, but one can’t really complain when it was free.  But I did my best and made almost hammocks for the plants and made sure there were plenty of staples to carry the weight.

Palette Planter 4I then placed it in a nice sunny place and planted up some of my courgette plants that I grew from seed.  There are a couple of spaces free which I might pop some herbs from my cocktail kit in once they are big enough to plant up.

Palette Planter 5

I guess time will tell whether my courgettes will thrive in such a cramped space.  In the same book however they suggest planting courgettes in old supermarket bags (the bag for life types that will stand up not the flimsy type), so I am hoping they will be ok.  They have space to spread along the slats and that will support the growing veggies so I hope they will grow along it.

In other news, my purple sprouting has started sprouting 🙂 #exciting

Purple Sprouting

Until next time, happy gardening!

P.S. Staple guns are REALLY FUN!


2 thoughts on “Palette Planter

  1. Hiya,

    What book is this? After reading this, I ended up creating a 2nd raised bedding box:

    Can’t wait to work on my tomatoes next and finally get the chicken wire up! x

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