Progress In The Garden

It is often hard to see progress in the garden as we are around it each day, so it’s hard to see how far some plants have come.  So today I thought I would share the progress of my planters.

Planter #1
Planter #1 – 29th March 2015

It’s hard to think that a few weeks ago they looked like this.  I enthusiastically planted up my little plants from the garden center (coz who’s got time to grow EVERYTHING from seed ;)).  This is what the planter looks like today:

Planter #1 on 10th May 2015
Planter #1 on 10th May 2015

It’s like day of the triffids!  All the sunny weather, diligent watering and covering at night when there was any sign of a frost has payed off!  Now you may see there is further additions to the fortification of the planter.  The bamboo sticks were added first to stop my doggy wogs getting into the planter as we had a broccoli theif

To offender - Arthur Sausage
To offender – Arthur Sausage

And this did the trick for this particular offender as he is a sausage dog therefore has stubby little legs that cannot reach the planter.  However the rocket thief is now a repeat offender and has now turned broccoli thief.  This cute and fluffy (and old) guy:


Not content with the delicious peppery taste of rocket, he has now moved onto the taste sensation that is broccoli, stem, leaves and roots.  Every time he walked past he took a bite, much like the rocket.  So we have new tougher fortifications to try and stop him eating my plants!

Onto the second planter, where the broccoli was stolen from.  A few weeks ago it looked like this:

Planter #2
Planter #2

This was the rest of my broccoli plants, carrots and a row of onions.  I did have my reservations about the broccoli in this planter as they need a lot of space so I thought I would grow them up and see how well they fit after a few weeks.  Well here it is today:

Planter #2 10th May 2015
Planter #2 10th May 2015

Due to the broccoli thief I was down to four broccoli’s in this planter, but I also took one out to reduce to three.  They were starting to get a little crowded in there.  Fingers crossed with the new fortifications my broccoli will survive!

It’s nice to have a photographic timeline to plot the progress of my veggies.  They seem to be doing very well and I hope to be enjoying them in many delicious dishes this coming Autumn!

Until next time, happy gardening!


5 thoughts on “Progress In The Garden

  1. Very beautiful plants growing and love how you kept the pups out of your garden.. looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura


  2. Wow, your crops have really come on! Yours have grown much more quickly compared to mine. Did you directly sow the seeds in to the soil? And where did you buy the green mesh thing from? I totally have to steal your idea. My dog still thinks the potato plants are a poo ground lol x


    1. I’m afraid I nicked the green mesh from my Dad! Lol, think you can get it from garden centers though. I actually cheated and bought little plants with most of my veggies *oh the shame* 😉 much easier than growing from seed 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh how you’re so right about it being easier than growing seedlings! Right now I’m trying to fight off the slugs and figure out what spots in the garden are best as some wilt with too much sun and some seedlings need much bigger pots. It’s a juggling process but one I want to master! X

        Liked by 1 person

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