Garden Get Up – Hunter Boots

Hello again everybody, I hope you have all been out voting today here in the UK.  As a serious hobby gardener I thought it was about time to get some new wellington boots.  My old pair were a cheapo pair from Marks & Spencer about 5 – 8 years ago.  They were bright blue with laces up the front and very pretty…………just not so great on the whole waterproof front.

The pretty blue rubber had split a good year ago, but ever the thrift I thought well there’s still life in them yet and I don’t use them all that often.  But now being a keen gardener, I am going to need a good pair to last me, and keep me nice and dry in the rain.  Let’s face it, it is more rainy in the garden in Britain than it is sunny.

Hunter Boots 3

Hunter Boots 4

Hunter Boots 5

Ent they pretty!  They were a design collaboration with Hunter and the RHS.  They worked together and chose some fabulous historic floral prints from the RHS’s Lindley Library Archive.  I just couldn’t resist these little beauties for pottering about the garden in.  They were £74.99, down from £99.99 (or as my dad said “a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a pair of garden wellies” – oh daddy!  What do you know about heritage brands!) from my local Wyvern Garden Center.  And they came in a fabulous box.  As a fashion designer in me day job, I can appreciate these little things as I know how expensive a good box is and a custom print!  But anyway I shall enjoy looking at my feet whilst I garden, safe in the knowledge they should last me a fair good few years, keeping my toesies all dry and toasty warm.

Sorry for the dull pictures, the sun has evaded us somewhat, but I hope my wellington boot beauty still shines through :).  Until next time, happy gardening!

P.S.  That cute as a button watering can in my pictures was a bargain from Sainsbury’s! (or as I like to call it Snazbury’s)


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