Garden Salad

In the truest sense of the words garden salad, I have created just that!  A salad made of things from my garden!  Its actual name is ‘Modern Land Girl’s Seedling Salad’ as I have been thinning out my salad leaves that I sowed on 4th April.  They are kind of tiny and pathetic but the thrift in me just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.  So I made a salad out of them.

Seedling Salad

The mix of salad leaves seeds that I sowed were ‘Bright and Spicy’ from Thompson & Morgan.  They promise to add

“an attractive colour combination to your salads”

The mix have: Pak Choi Golden Yellow, Pak Choi Green Stem, Pak Choi Red Lady, Tatsoi, Greek Cress, Mizuna F1 and Mustard Red Lace.  To enhance my ‘Seedling Salad’ I picked some rocket leaves to add, as otherwise my meal would have been quite meager.

Seedling Salad 2

Then, in the words of Jamie Oliver, I pimped my salad.  For the British I always find that salad is a rather boring affair.  But through my love of cooking and in particular the recipes of Jamie Oliver, I have found that salads can in fact be a rocking meal in their own right.  I had the peppery rocket as well as some of the various seedlings, so I needed something sweet and something salty to pimp my salad and take it to the next level.

Pimped Salad
Pimped Salad

Enter Mr Butternut Squash for the sweetness, Mr Feta for the salty tang and Ms Extra Virgin Olive Oil and thyme to tie all the elements together.  I roasted the butternut squash with a generous drizzle of the olive oil and salt, pepper and thyme.  Then to finish I added some spinach to the salad mix (I hate cooked spinach but LOVE it raw for some reason), put the oily thymey butternut squash goodness on top and sprinkled lots of feta to finish.  The result was a yummy salad that was mostly home grown 🙂 (The butternut squash, spinach, oil and feta I had to buy).


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