The Face of Evil

What-ho lovely readers.  Sorry for the radio silence, the day job rather took over in the form of organising a photo shoot for my SS16 collection.  I tell you, trying to get the photographer, hair and make up artist and model all in the same place at the same time on a date which is convenient to the location we are hiring is quite some feat!  But alas this is not gardening related so I shall not whitter on any more.

Anyway, whilst I was busy organising and wheeler dealing, my little plants have put on quite a growth spurt.  We have been blessed with unusually sunny weather recently and mild nights which has meant, along with regular watering, the greenery has been going mad!  This coupled with the fact that I went away for a few days leaving the care of my dear little seedlings to a neighbour, meant that when I returned it was like stepping into the jungle………………………..Well not quite but you get the picture.

The plants in my second planter seem to be doing better than the first, despite being planted a good few weeks after.  I think it is because the sun reaches this planter first in the day and therefore for longer.  I also thought this was the cause of a few weeds in this second planter, so I diligently pulled out all the little seedlings growing up around the base of my onions, broccoli and carrots.  But then I remembered that actually when my disaster of the mini greenhouse blowing over, I had reused the seeded compost that had all fallen out of the pots.  So I could indeed have been pulling out little plants not weeds!  I wondered why the other planter had no weeds and this one had seemingly sprouted a whole host of hostile little friends…………they may actually be tomatoes, aubergines or carrots!  So I am now leaving the “weeds” to grow a little and see if they grow up to be something useful!  Ho hum, it’s all a learning curve!

Weeds or carrots/tomato/aubergine/basil?!
Weeds or carrots/tomato/aubergine/basil?!

My potatoes have grown great big bushy leaves and I have been ‘building up’ the earth around them……………not sure if I am doing it correctly but fingers crossed for lots of taters laters in the year.

Taters gonna tate
Taters gonna tate

And then there is my rocket, which grows like a rocket.  I have been diligently picking off the buds that are trying to flower so that my rocket keeps producing lots of their peppery leaves.  But I have rather a problem in that my eldest dog has quite the refined palette and thinks that rocket is somewhat of a delicacy.  In total he has eaten THREE plants, roots and all.  So I have now built a plant fort around the planter with rocket in.  This is the offender:

His real name is Ben, but I like to call him Squishy on account of his face being all squishy :)
His real name is Ben, but I like to call him Squishy on account of his face being all squishy 🙂

And this is the fort.  Try getting to them now doggy wog!

My plant fort
My plant fort – the rocket is in the planter with copper around the edge

I know, I know, the dog looks cute and fluffy right!  But not when munching on my rocket!  I can still watch him sometimes trying to figure out how to get to it.  He is 13 1/2 years old, deaf as a doorpost (we suspect it might be selective hearing – like when he can’t be bothered to leave the warm comfy sofa for the cold wet garden late at night), slightly wobbly on his back legs so can’t jump up onto the sofa anymore without help and his eyesight for catching biscuits isn’t as hot as it used to be nor his smell for sniffing out biscuits.  Yet put a rocket plant in a plant fort and he can sniff it out at 100 metres.  I maintain he is sharp as a tack and puts on his doddery old man act when he wants something.

But back to plants.  My mystery seeds are growing up nicely, I hope to soon be able to tell which plants are which.

Mystery plantlings
Mystery plantlings

My cocktail herbs with the exception of the mint are doing well.  Nothing has appeared with the mint pot, so after nearly a month now, and with everything else sprouting something or other, I figure that it didn’t work.  I think I may have some leftover seeds so I may try again.

Looking a bit dry!  Had better water them!
Looking a bit dry! Had better water them!

My salad leaves are going great guns.  I’ve thinned them out slightly, munching along the way, and they are quite tasty even though still quite teeny.

My Salad Forest!
My Salad Forest!

And my new little newspaper pots are starting to sprout tiny little plants.  The kale came through first, as with last time, and the nasturtium are just peeping through.

Juuuust starting to poke through now
Juuuust starting to poke through now

I also bought a couple of hanging baskets for my edible flowers once they are ready to plant up.  I filled up the first basket with my plugs of Viola ‘Martin’, and there will be plenty of room for the Nasturtiums ‘black velvet, Malope trifida ‘Alba’ and the ‘Indian Prince’ otherwise known as the common Marigold.  It should not only provide some delicious flowers for salads, but provide a blanket of colour for the garden and feast for all the bees and bugs.

They will look prettier in a few months hopefully
They will look prettier in a few months hopefully

Sorry for the picture heavy post, but there was a lot to catch up on.  Until next time, happy gardening xxx


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