Third Time Lucky

Last weekend I left my little plants for the first time.  I left strict instructions with my parents to look after them and move my mini pvc greenhouse if it should get windy.  The last time we had high winds, you see, my mini greenhouse had blown over and all my pots were emptied out seeds and all.  So this time I definitely did not want this to happen as my little plants were just starting to grow.  My mixed lettuce leaves were doing well, and my kale had started to peep through like so:

My lil kale plant - put an arrow next to it just in case you couldn't see it ;)
My lil kale plant – put an arrow next to it just in case you couldn’t see it 😉
My salad leaves were tiny but coming along nicely after only a few days
My salad leaves were tiny but coming along nicely after only a few days

I had also potted up my second batch of aubergine seeds that had been carried by the first winds, as well as purple carrots, tomatoes, golden courgettes, second type of tomatoes, basil and normal courgettes.  Alas, all lost in the winds!  AGAIN.  My parents, knowing I would be disappointed, frantically scooped up the soil and tried to salvage what they could.  Except all the labels also fell out………..

I think the kale died it’s death.  The purple carrots hmmmmmm not so sure if they made it or not.  Aubergines?  Again not sure they survived.  Basil and tomatoes that were in the same big tray?  I think those are definitely gone.  Courgettes?  Well luckily courgette seeds are fairly large and I saw one poking out of the soil with a kind of rooty bit.  I covered it over and fingers crossed it has survived……..only I’m not sure if it’s the golden courgettes or the normal ones.  I suppose time will tell.  Basically the only thing I know definitely survived was the lettuce.  Half stayed in the tray they were sown in as the soil was quite wet so kept it all together.  The other half spread itself on the floor and my parents frantically scooped them all up and put them into various receptacles.

Hurricanes Hardly Happen in Hampshire.  Right?!
Hurricanes Hardly Happen in Hampshire. Right?!

So now I have strapped the mini greenhouse to the gazebo on our decking so, short of a tornado, it shouldn’t blow over.  I also have what I like to call ‘mystery plants’ growing.  I suspect they are the purple carrots, but I suppose we can’t be sure until they grow a little more.  The arrow marks the ‘mystery plants’ and the other shoots are, yup you guessed it, the lettuce.  I think in their panic to save as much as possible, my parents just shoved the little shoots anywhere.

Ignore the plant marker, parents just shoved sticks in anywhere as they all fell out too!
Ignore the plant marker, parents just shoved sticks in anywhere as they all fell out too!

So I am afraid it is third time lucky!  Because of the frantic lettuce shoving anywhere, I am now short of plant pots to put my little seeds into.  I have already had to buy lots of gardening equipment for my new hobby so am not too keen on forking out any more!  So I invested in a little pot maker.  The kind where you make pots out of recycled newspaper.  I also had to buy a new dibber as my dog ATE my old one (which I got free with some gardening dungarees – more on those in a later blog post).  And I bought a super cute watering can, all from Sainsbury’s would you believe it.  I have then spent today diligently planting MORE seeds.  I didn’t bother with the courgettes as I am going to wait to see if they survived or not.

Grow my pretties :)
Grow my pretties 🙂

The great thing with making your own paper pots, is a) they are cheap and b) you can directly label the pot with a sharpie so don’t have the problem of the labels falling out :).  They are however really unstable so I have wedged them into a planting tray so they don’t blow over then padded the empty space with gardening fleece.  After all we don’t want them to fall over yet again!!!

Has anyone else had such bad luck with pots blowing over?  I may look into a small greenhouse so it can’t blow over!!  Until next time, happy gardening!


3 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky

  1. Thanks for the follow! I have followed back because I am loving your blog – and very creative using newspaper! I have used some cable ties to strap to the fence so hopefully it’ll stay put to protect what little seedlings I have. Can’t wait for more updates x


  2. I know how you feel! I am so nervous at the moment with all this wind! I have lost some seeds 3 times also! I found some little seedlings the other day sprouting in between the patio where they’d fallen over! I quickly scooped them up so fingers crossed! It’s a nightmare isn’t it! Hopefully this wind will die down soon and our seedlings and nerves can get over it!


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