Top 5 Beauty Products For Gardeners

We can often find items from our gardens that are in health and beauty products.  Think bees wax lip balms, natural oils from plants for aromatherapy, extracts from “superfoods” that are antioxidants, scents from plants, mud based face masks that sort of thing.  But what products are out there for gardeners once they have finished gardening?  What is there that can soothe our aches, and put the oooo into smooth hands again?

Since taking up gardening, it has occurred to me that a couple of things happen.  I get dirt all over me, my hands and nails in particular.  I therefore am washing my hands much more regularly which is stripping my hands and nails of their natural oils.  So my recommendations are mostly hand focused.

1. Gardeners Gift Box by Emma’s Soap

The first of course has to be the nail brush.  Having long nails and sometimes acrylic nails, the dirt loves to get in under them and it can be hard to get it all out when washing my hands.  I love this little gift box from ‘Emma’s Soap’.  Emma’s items are handmade in Devon, wrapped in fair trade organic cotton and made from natural oils.  What could be more perfect!

Gardeners Gift Box - £25
Gardeners Gift Box – £25

In this excellent ‘Gardeners Gift Box’ you get three soaps, an olive wood soap dish and the all important nail brush!  The brush itself looks sturdy and like it will do a good job of getting all that dirt out from under your nails.  You can get this fab gift box from her website

2. Gardeners Hand Therapy by Crabtree and Evelyn

Once your hands are nice and clean and clear of unsightly under nail dirt, they CRY out to by hydrated!  The best hand cream that I have found is the Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy.  

Gardeners Hand Therapy - £20
Gardeners Hand Therapy – £20

Let’s not mess around here with a small tube, you can get a 250ml bottle with a pump for £20 from their website, as well as smaller hand bag sized varieties should you so wish.  I wouldn’t be stingy with it either, a nice moisturising layer works wonders on dry old gardeners hands.  Also a tip I picked up on tinternet is to slather a nice layer of hand cream on your old hands before popping your gardeners gloves on.  That way it can work it’s magic whilst you prune away.

3. Phenomen Oil by Jessica

My nails can also suffer from gardening as it is impossible to garden in a dainty way, so after moisturising my poor hands, I like to put a good nail/cuticle oil on my nails to keep them in tip top condition – especially if I have acrylic nails on at the time.

Phenomen Oil - £9.50
Phenomen Oil – £9.25

My favourite nail oil is the Jessica Phenomen Oil, which is from £9.25 a bottle.  Pop a drop on each nail and massage in and they hydrate battered nails and nourish them nicely.  Perfect for after scrubbing all the mud out from under your nails.

4. Sunscreen SPF30 by Absolutely Natural

Another gardeners beauty product is probably the one I am most fanatical about.  Sunscreen!  I have a naturally fair complexion and am reliably informed that sunscreen is the best ‘anti-aging’ creme there is.  Being 27, I want to keep my smooth baby looks for as long as possible, so sunscreen is my absolute MUST HAVE in my gardeners beauty kit.  I have used Absolutely Natural sun care products for near 15 years now.  I happened upon them whilst on my first ever family holiday abroad in Florida, and was hooked from then on.

Max Protection Kit - $78
Max Protection Kit – $78

For those who have not tried these products before, I recommend the Max Protection kit at $78.  It’s expensive to get these shipped over from the US to the UK but totally worth the expense and the effort.  The Max Protection kit is good for starters as it includes everything you need.  It has a tube of SPF30, a tube of SPF15, the after sun which is known as Rose Hip Aloe and super after sun the Pure Aloe & Tee Tree Oil.  I use the SPF30 on my face every day regardless of lack of sun, the Rose Hip Aloe as my daily face moisturiser and use the Pure Aloe & Tee Tree if I ever get sunburn as it is really soothing.  The great thing about these products is that you never get prickly heat, it’s 100% natural ingredients, chemical free, free of animal based ingredients, kind on the environment (the packaging is bio degradable) and they don’t test on animals!  All that and the smell always reminds me of being on holiday as I originally only used their sun care items on holiday, so I always feel happy when wearing it :).  Absolutely Natural also give back to nature as they are involved with conservation issues such as saving giant turtles – so supporting this company is a really great way to give back to wonderful nature that gave us the ingredients for these products.

5.  Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees

Finally every gardeners beauty kit should also have a good lip balm.  I have two favourites, one being the Burt’s Bees Lipbalm at around £3.79 a tube and the other being Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Original Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF15 for about £1.89 a tube.  Why are these my favourites?  Simply put they taste good.

Burt's Bees Lipbalm - £3.79
Burt’s Bees Lipbalm – £3.79

The wind can make our little old lips terribly dry, and I have a pin up pout to protect, so a good lip balm is also a necessity for me.  I love the fact the Palmer’s one has also got an SPF in it.

So those are my top 5 beauty products for gardeners.  I suppose I forgot a nice bubbly bath for soothing aches after moving compost bags, but then that would have made 6 items and messed with my top 5 theme!  But as an added bonus I would recommend a really deep hot bubble bath, Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All.  I find a nice bath works wonders at restoring achy muscles and helps wash away all the built up perspiration, as gardening (I have newly found) is very hard work!

Until next time, happy gardening!


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