Cocktail Garden Kit

Cocktail Garden Kit

By an amazing stroke of luck I was given a Birthday present that is related to my new gardening shaped hobby.  Back in January, my sister gave me a ‘Cocktail Garden Kit’.  One of my other hobbies is enjoying one or two cocktails (or three or four whatever).  She gave me this fantastic kit to grow my own herbs for an array of exotic and tasty looking cocktails.  I had been meaning to plant up my seeds for a while but not quite got around to it, but my new hobby made it the perfect time to do so.

So what did my kit include?

6 x tiny pots
6 x compost discs
6 x packets of seeds – Borage, Mint, Cucamelon, Agastache, Lemon Balm and Lime Basil.
6 x naming sticks




Now I haven’t come across these little compost discs before, but what a brillo idea they are!  I guess they are sort of vacuum packed, but you just stick em in water and they re inflate into compost juuuust the right amount for the teeny pots.  They took a surprisingly long time to re inflate!




All you have to do is pop the compost in the pot, add the seeds and cover with the remaining compost.  Obviously it helps to add the name label of herb that is in the pot too.  Et voila!


Six tiny pots of different and exciting herbs.  I popped each in a plastic bag (found in my kitchen) as per instructions, watered them a little and then put them in my dining room windowsill to grow. *Update*  The Borage and Lime Basil seeds have started to grow already!

New Shoots

Aint they cute!  Teeny weeny little plantlings.  No news on the others as yet.  I am rather taken with the ‘Cucamelon’ though.  Is it a cucumber?  Is it a melon?  No!  It’s a Cucamelon!  I wonder if it will taste like a cucumber or a melon?!  Anyway, in a few months time I like to think I will be sitting out on my decking in the *hopefully* sunshine and sipping a ‘Classic Mojito’, ‘Lime Basil Ade’ or ‘Cucamelon Martini’!  I will of course share the recipes with you!

If you like the sound of the cocktail kit for gardeners who enjoy a tipple, you can get it here:

As well as other fun filled kits such as the ‘Funky Veg Kit’ or ‘Psychedelic Salad Kit’ which I rather like the sound of.  Perfect for the beginner gardener like myself.

I did also pot up some Aubergine and some Tomato seeds at the same time, but they didn’t make it through the high winds we had the other day.


See look at me all enthusiastic and planting lots of exotic varieties of veggies.  I also bought this amazingly cheap sort of green house sort of not thing.  It was £10 in B&Q (£9 with my dads OAP discount).


I popped all my leftover little plants from my spending spree at the garden center in it, as well as the aubergine and tomato seeds that I had planted in the leftover pots.  I wedged it in between my big planters, and weighed it down with some stones……………….but it fell over backwards and all the soil complete with seeds emptied out.  I did however chuck the soil in my planter so maybe if the seeds survived they might magically grow in between my broccoli’s, garlic and carrots……………..but I’m not counting on it so will buy more seeds and start them again!  The greenhouse thing has now been wedged in between our BBQ and trellis on the decking so fingers crossed it won’t fall over again!  It has however made me look at proper greenhouses; now just to convince my parents that we need one in our garden 😉

Until my next post, happy gardening 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cocktail Garden Kit

  1. Hi-
    I have this kit but lost the cocktail list. Is there a chance you still have it and would be willing to send me photos of it?



    1. Eeek I’m afraid I also lost the list 😦 perhaps google might be your friend? You can always google ‘cocktails with …..’ and whichever ingredient you have like borage etc and see what pops up 🙂 xx


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