My first week

My first week of gardening has been eventful to say the least.  I had a vegetable theif!  But onto that later on.

A couple of days after planting my peas, salad rocket, rosemary and thyme, I planted out some of my carrots, garlic and broccoli plants.  Now being a true rookie I followed the instructions on the little label things about spacing the little plants out – how important is this?  I can understand plants need space to root and gather the nutrients so you don’t want to plant them too close together, but I am fast running out of space.  So advice on spacing my dear readers would be awesome.  Anyway the OCD in me dictated that my plants need to be in nice straight rows.  So I improvised, not having any gardening string, and tied what I did have around two bamboo poles -knitting yarn!



I planted out my carrots as per instructions on the label, about 3″ apart.  Then I had a little visitor have a good nose around.  My little sausage dog Tess jumped straight up onto the planter uninvited to see what the heck was in her garden!

Silly Sausage!
Silly Sausage!

IMG_1001Anyway back to the gardening.  After turfing the sausage off my planter I then planted up my garlic plants of which I had four and my broccoli plants.  Now this is

Planter #1
Planter #1

why I ask how important spacing is.  According to my labels the broccoli plants need to be about 60cm apart.  This would have meant probably only two plants in a row in my planter.  Now these things aint cheap people!  So I ignored the instructions and put three in.  They’re probably only about 45cm apart but ho hum.  I also put the labels by each row so I know which plant is which.  I don’t really know why because they are quite easy to distinguish from one another, but it felt like the thing to do.



Then it was on to my potatoes.  I have 10 tubers or whatever you call them so have decided to stagger my planting to get a more spread out harvest.  Because seriously how many potatoes can you eat at one time!  So I will wait about a month until I plant the next tub of potatoes so we have home grown potatoes for longer :).  These are a ‘rocket’ variety.  Don’t really know what that means but I read somewhere they were an easy variety to grow and tasted good.  Of course I covered over my little potatoes and watered them in nicely.




Now do you remember last post I mentioned that I had grown herbs in the past with varied results.  Well this is the last lot of herbs that we attempted to grow.

IMG_1006I’m not too sure if they are dead or not, they look it.  I suppose time will tell whether they regrow this spring or not.  But this is what I am hoping to avoid with my new hobby!  Lots of dead looking twigs!  So I am making extra sure that each night I tuck my plants up nice and warmly so the frost doesn’t get them.   I’ve also had problems with slugs on my plants – they love a nice courgette plant they do – so any tips on how to protect my plants with natural remedies would be most appreciated.  I say natural remedies as I want to keep my veggies and fruit organic.  Also being inspired by the Land Girls, one would have thought that in the 1940s all these modern pest sprays ect would not have been around, and I want to keep things as close to my inspiration as possible.

Anyway there is one pest that I can’t control and that is the lesser spotted Arthur sausage.  Not long after the first dog incident where everything was thoroughly checked over, another hound was spotted on top of the planter and chased off by my dad.  He hadn’t seen anything but I know that dog better and thought I should check to make sure he hadn’t weed on them or anything.  This was all that was left of one of my three broccoli plants.



Complete with chomp marks.  Needless to say the planter has been dog proofed, try getting into this doggie!



To offender - Arthur Sausage
To offender – Arthur Sausage

He may look cute people, but I assure you his is most evil!

Next week I will be tackling my second planter, planting out the rest of the leftover carrots and broccoli as well as the onions and a few other bits and bobs.  I also went a bit mad with packets of seeds as I got all enthusiastic, so will have a go at growing a few veggies from seed.  I also discovered some exotic herbs that I got as a birthday prezzie from my sister.  They are a cocktail herb kit that is intended for you to grow the ingredients that are then used in various weird and wonderful cocktails.  Right up my street!  So I look forward to that, especially growing a ‘Cucamelon’ whatever the heck that is!

Until next time, happy gardening!


3 thoughts on “My first week

  1. Your planter is really super cute, I’m interested to see how the broccoli fares in there since it tends to get really huge and hungry. For slugs there are a few things you can try. Copper rings (maybe pennies?), baked crushed eggshells, vaseline on the pot, or probably the best thing is to go out at night and just find the culplrits and dispatch them. Good luck!


  2. I planted my purple sprouting about 10 cm appart and its produced, not amazingly but it has worked.
    Be very very aware of the most evil thing on the planet… My previously loved butterflies are now my nemises, will be dedicating the next post to thier evil genius! Protect the broccoli

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