Garden Get-up

I’m not going to lie.  My foray into gardening has been mainly about the cute Land Girl outfits I can wear.  So I have gathered some images on Pinterest that inspired me.  I did look at gardening type things too I promise – I’m not totally shallow ;).  Click the thingy below to go to my Pinterest page and see all the inspirational fashion, style, gardening and plant inspiration that is helping me to keep enthused about growing my little veggie and fruit patch.

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My favourite image has to be this one:



It is a knitting pattern from Debbie Bliss and would be a perfect knit for me to wear under my gardening dungerees.  The pattern comes in a booklet of Land Girl inspired knits and I am yet to find just this sweater pattern so I may have to buy the whole booklet.  I have learnt from my foray into gardening that one can get quite warm whilst working away, but at this time of year it is too chilly to go completely jumperless (I now understand those god awful gillets that women of a certain age wear – they are actually quite practical for the garden!), so a short sleeve little sweater like this will be a perfect accompaniment to my gardening wardrobe.

Anyway what inspires you to get gardening?  Perhaps a nice sunny day?  Or are you a big girl like me and love the fashions?
Until next time, happy gardening!

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